You know how so many people are sick, stressed out, live with aches and pains and find themselves using pills for everything?

What we do is help people alleviate those challenges, and MANY others and we start with breathing.

Did you know? Functional breathing volume is the primary marker for how long you will live?

Poor breathing skills can make you sick or sicker.

Good breathing skills can make you healthier and way less likely to get sick at all, ever.

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Self Help Program Themes

Breathing is the first place, not the last place one should investigate when any evidence of disordered energy presents itself”. Saul Sheldon Hendler, MD. PhD Program Themes.

Stress management or Meditation Enhancement

This program is for conquering anxiety, panic, and stress; reducing high blood pressure, headaches, migraines…

Energy or Sleep

Energy is the very essence of our beings and without it we simply cease to exist. The very breath we breathe…

Shortness of breath; Smoke or smoking recovery

Few things are more frightening than the unpleasant feeling of uncomfortable, inadequate, tight-chested sensation…

Weight Management

It is no secret that an unhealthy weight is a huge factor in the myriad health problems that are faced…

Singing, Speaking, Focus and concentration

It is often said that there is power in the tongue, but so much more of that power is contained more in the sound…

General Breathing Development plus ANY Health Challenge
for living live and loving it

Correct breathing is essential for continued health and wellness. We start with breathing, then include…