Email credit card info to mw@breathing.com or
Mail address for check etc:
Michael White
1820 Sunhaven Ct
Charlotte, NC 28262

Cell 828 280 6320


Our Retreat/Training Facility is 15 minutes from the Charlotte airport.

For Private intensives we often shift local people around to accommodate out of state visitors.
See what you can create and then let me know what your options are before you book your flight so we can arrange our scheduling.

Figure 9-6 with a few exceptions.
Non School Activities:
Charlotte: www.creativeloafing.com Scroll to bottom of page for menu
Approximately 75 restaurants and 75 stores within 10 freeway miles.

Cheapest advanced and last minute booking flights to Mike

Airport travel times:
15 minutes from Charlotte NC CLT
2.5 hours from Asheville NC AVL
90 Minutes each from Greenville/Spartenburg SC
90 Minutes from Greensborough, NC
3 hours from Raleigh/durham NC
3.5 hours from Atlanta, Georgia

If this is extra important you can plan to arrive a day early so the open-departure-times
options for low fare deal and bidding arrivals and departures does not work against you.

www.Airfarewatchdog.com. They often have great deals that require only a 10 day advance reservation. This varies but often the deal is good for many weeks or months. If you change the reservation they will stick you with a pretty stiff fee. Subscribe and see what you get.
Try the below sources. You may get lucky with a drastically reduced air fare. Then if you can have an open GOING AND RETURNING times try bidding at www.priceline.comPrice line lets YOU set YOUR price via BID but there is NO changing ANYTHING once it is booked. They also choose the flight time from the parameters they give you.

www.travelzoo.com searches all airlines
www.southwestairlines.com Special Offers One fellow I met on the plane got a $99 round trip to Los Angeles from Nashville. Southwest is buying AirTran that flies out of Charlotte.
www.jetblue.com to Atlanta then 3.5 hour drive to Waynesville

After-Class Airline DEPARTURE times are generally not a problem as it is easy to get to an airport at an early morning departure time such as 6:00 am the Monday following the training. Often the late evening DEPARTURE, say Sunday midnight works as the furthest (Nashville) airport choice is 5 hours away and the closest (Asheville) is 30 minutes away.

FIRST get best quote from your favorite airline(s).
THEN go to www.priceline.com and undercut the lowest quote by 50% and see what you get. They may give you what you want, or an optional counter offer.

Get these weekend, last minute, impromptu, money saver trips and spur of the moment flights and email flight lists.
Some key words are esaver, weekender, weekend specials, special deals, If one comes up that you can get to CLT Charlotte North Carolina – 2.5 hours drive, AVL Asheville North Carolina 30 minute drive, ATL Atlanta Georgia 3.5 hours drive, Greenville Spartenberg SC 90 minutes drive; Knoxville Tennessee, 90 minutes, cheaply.

Check with Mike first before you pay for the ticket to make sure he will be in the office and not lecturing.

Talktohome.com Last minute Airline Trips www.talktohome.com/us/Last_min.htm

UNITED EFAIRS LOGIN www.ua2go.com/ci/Login.jsp?stamp=8866PrNIHJb*itn/ord=NEWREC,itn/air/efare&return_to=unpub_inq&auth=0

US Air esavers I used to see great deals on this one.

Northwest Airlines www.nwa.com/travel/nwapr/?rd=lp Some great ones here too

Delta Email Programs

America West www.americawest.com/specials/sp_emailfares.asp

Southwest www.southwest.com/email/emailSubscribe.html

Quantas web deals

Our building is Wireless. Most if not all motels seem to have high speed.
Best to double check. Staples or FedEx Kinkos are a few miles from the office.


To Charlotte office
Use map quest or Google maps. 2. minutes from Exit 40 or 41 off 85. VERY easy to find.
Charlotte: Car pooling is possible depending on who is in attendance but a car is a definite advantage in Charlotte..
We have two bicycles (man’s large and and woman’s medium)

Individual clients often stay with us. We have limited space for up to 2 and additional facilities via YURTS are in the planning stages. There are half dozen inexpensive ($39.00 per night to $169.00 a weak) motels within a mile.
Many moderate to high priced motels and hotels are 5 minutes away.

Rodeway Inn 1418 W. Sugar Creek Rd 983 yards 704.597.5074 budget. closest walk to our location. Others have found management nice and services adequate including wireless.
Days Inn Hotels 983 yards 1408 W Sugar Creek Rd 704.597.8110 weekly rates. Next to Rodeway Inn
Country Hearth Inn 5301 Equipment Dr 1.7 miles 704 596.9390
Hilton Hotel. – 8629 JM Keynes Drive Charlotte 28262 704.547.7444 they have a free pick up and delivery to our clinic.
Hampton Inn (near the Hilton) – 8419 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28262 – 704.548.0905
Ramada Limited University 5301 N. I 85 Service Rd 1 mile 704.596.9390
Comfort Inn 5111 Equipment Dr 1.7 miles 704.598.0007
Econo Lodge 1412 Tom Hunter Rd. 1.9 miles 704.597.0470
Brookwood Inn 1200 Sugar Creek Rd 1.6 miles 704.597.8500
Super 8 5125 i85 Service rd 704.598.8820 1.7 mile
Microtel Inns and suites 5116 W. Sugar Creek Rd 1 mile 704.697.9163
Quality Inn 4330 N I 85 1 mile 704.509.9326
Red Roof Inn 5116 N i 85 1 mile 704.597.9163 budget
Great Wolf Lodge. Great for Family’s with young kids. Waterpark and more. 1017 Weddington Rd Exit 49 orr 85. 20 minutes from our retreat center at exit 41.866.925.wolf

Dress comfortable.
Bring a bathing suit as we have a Far Infrared Sauna and Hot tub.
Tennis shoes as well for our private (small) gym.

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