chronic illnesses

Chronic Illnesses

The following is a list of common illnesses that are correlated with unbalanced, under-developed, dysfunctional breathing.

a. Abnormal ECG changes
b. Addictions to substances (eg. cigarettes/nicotine, alcohol, recreational drugs, etc.)
c. Addictions to activities (eg. compulsive gambling, spending money, sex, anger management issues, etc.)
d. Allergies
e. Anxiety and/or panic attacks
f. Asthma
g. Attention issues (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.)
h. Bowel disorder
i. Bronchitis
j. Cancer
k. Chronic fatigue
l. Circulation disorder
m. COPD or other respiratory dysfunction
n. Depression
o. Diabetes
p. Eating disorder
q. Emotional disorder
r. Emphysema
s. Gland disorder
t. Heart disease
u. High blood pressure
v. Hypochondria
w. Liver disorder
x. Nervous system disorder
y. Obsessive/Compulsive disorder
z. Organ disorder
aa. Osteoporosis
bb. Overweight or Obese
cc. Phobias
dd. Skin disorder
ee. Speech or voice disorder
ff. Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTSD)
gg. Sleeping disorders
hh. Stomach disorder
ii. Stroke
jj. Thyroid disorder

To learn more about these illnesses and how they are related to breathing, take our Free Breathing Test.

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