Dennis Price, OBDSA

Core Faculty Member
Dennis Price, OBDSA

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


My background includes extensive training in massage and bodywork, NLP, hypnosis, yoga, being a paramedic, working as a trainer with Anthony Robbins and long term study with Sun Bear.

This weekend I learned a dramatically different perspective on the single most vital element of life – breathing.

I was already somewhat familiar with abdominal and chest breathing, as well as some prana breathing techniques from ????

I was very pleased to learn a practical and logical series of techniques I can use for myself and for my clients seeking pain relief or improved physical performance.

The explanations about strapping techniques was a totally new concept to me and was a great tool to progress as seen by multiple breathing tests done before and after these breath-changing techniques.

I believe Michael White is an expert on this topic. I believe I will be able to easily integrate this into my own body and in my practice. I will refer others to Michael for private sessions and for this training. Email Dennis

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