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#501. Oxy-Cleanse

If you are not near the Himalayas Oxy-Cleanse may be your best alternative.

Internal cleansing at its best. Most powerful and potent natural formula to clean all 25-30 feet of your intestinal tract from beginning to end. Oxygen based internal cleansers are non habit forming, gentle and effective. I use some every night for both cleansing and preventive measures. Take it at night and awaken to soon feel lighter and cleaner inside.

1. Internal cleansing does one of the best jobs for immunity as it removes the barriers for other healthy chemicals to function.
2. A reduction or elimination of straining during bowel movements
3. Reduced abdominal pain and bloating
4. Production of soft stool instead of hard dry stool
5. Significant increase in overall bowel regularity and stool consistency.
6. People with mucous in their stools had no mucous after after 21 days continuous use.

Deep & safe – no psyllium or laxative side effects – not habit forming. Melts away toxic compacted fecal matter using oxygen to maximize general intestinal cleansing and colon health.
EASY TO MEASURE DOSAGE individual 75 capsules per bottle

Abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, weight gain, toxemia? Oxy-Cleanse capsules are an oxygen-rich intestinal cleanser bound to magnesium. My experience with it proves that it a very effective at reducing and removing anaerobic bacteria, yeast, candida, parasites, toxemia, poorly digested foods, and mucous build-up. Though they may be quite appropriate once or twice yearly as a multi day/week cleanse I believe it is healthier than herbal cleansers when used over a long term basis. Oxy-Cleanse is non-herbal, non-habit forming, and non irritating. It helps allow better feces elimination and strengthen natural intestinal function. It seems much better/safer for pregnant and lactating women than herbs. It also can work well for a maintenance or seasonal intensive (double or triple amounts) intestinal cleanse.

America is #1…for Colon Cancer and Disease!

This is an area where one does NOT want to come in at first place. Sadly though, recent statistics reveal that at least half of all Americans are suffering from 1-5 chronic illnesses. This alarming situation is largely due in part to the Western diet that full of acidic foods and beverages.

Here are some more facts that are sure to get your attention:

Cases of Colon Disease have never been more Prevalent.
According to the Merck Manual, colon degeneration and disease is on the rise. More specifically, the incidence of diverticulosis, a type of hernia, has increased dramatically over the past 40 years. In 1950, only 10% of Americans had this disease, but that number had already grown to nearly 50% by 1987.

Colon Cancer Kills 400% more People than AIDS.
It also kills even more American men and women than breast and prostate cancer.

Just this year alone, 60,000 Americans will Die from Colon-Rectal Cancer.
An additional 125,000 cases of the disease will be diagnosed, as well.

Up to Half of All Americans have Polyps in their Colon.
The majority of these polyps will eventually mutate into malignant cancer tumors.
What a severely backed up colon looks like.

This poor man died of sepsis or internal self poisoning.

Use Oxy-Cleanse nightly and easy elimination will be the rule. Toxins will not build up as much or at all and foods will be better digested and utilized. This allows ongoing rejuvenation and peak vitality. Of course it was a process of years or decades to get the body so full of plaque and toxins, so it will be a process, to detoxify and get your body pure and back to its highest possible state of health.

Forcing to eliminate can harm you. More about

A client reports that after years of having one bowel movement a week that after several months on Oxy-Cleanse she was having two movements a day.

I recently had three colonics which I recommend everyone have twice yearly. My colon therapist told me my colon’s peristaltic strength was excellent. I attribute that to taking Oxy-Cleanse nightly and adding plenty of fiber via freshly ground light brown (for taste) flax seeds in my daily smoothie.

OxyCleanse represents a revolution in colon care. OxyCleanse has a unique oxygen based process. It’s a simple, one-bottle solution and great companion to a weight loss program. Achieve easy, regular bowel activity safely, quickly and effectively. Unique oxygen process; gently cleans, detoxifies and rejuvenates. No cramping or bloating. Will not weaken the colon muscles.

Sodium…………………………15 mg 1
Vitamin C………………………39 mg 65
Magnesium……………………..173 mg 43
BioFlavonoid Complex…………….25 mg *
*DV not established.

Initially and for ongoing take 1-3 capsules at bedtime on an empty stomach or as directed. If no larger bowel movement occurs the following morning by noon then that night increase one capsule each night until desired effect the following morning. The record so far is 7 capsules.

Eating “broom” foods such as FRESH ground flax seeds can greatly assist removal of cellular debris. Though very rare, if flax constipates you drink more water and take a few more capsules of Oxycleanse. Still constipated then I believe you are in need of health practitioner assistance. Colon hygienist and so forth.

More about

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OXY-CLEANSE™ represents a revolution in colon care. Unlike other products, only OXY-CLEANSE has a unique oxygen process that is released by a special vitamin C and potentiated with bioflavonoids. OXY-CLEANSE’s multi-tiered approach increases bowel activity, removes old impacted fecal matter as it helps to remove harmful pathogens and revitalizes the entire colon. OXY-CLEANSE is a true colon conditioner.


Psyllium and other fiber products simply push matter out through the center of a clogged colon. OXY-CLEANSE actually removes hardened deposits that have built up on your colon’s wall. OXY-CLEANSE helps to thoroughly clean your entire intestinal tract allowing room for the normal bowel process. With OXY-CLEANSE you can achieve easy, regular bowel activity, and it will not weaken the colon muscles as some products might. OXY-CLEANSE provides superior cleaning ability yet is safe and gentle to everyone’s system.


OXY-CLEANSE works with nature’s own powerful detoxifier—oxygen. It helps to remove heavy metals and other pollutants. OXY-CLEANSE’s actions quickly aids eradication of harmful anaerobic pathogens from your system, yet should not harm your intestinal flora. Used regularly, OXY-CLEANSE may help keep your colon free of harmful build up.


OXY-CLEANSE’s cleaning actions plus its ability to filter out harmful pollutants will leave your colon free of debris allowing increased assimilation of vital minerals and nutrients. OXY-CLEANSE also nourishes oxygen starved cells, strengthening them back to health, leading to a more vital colon muscle and optimum health.


A: It simply does more and does it better. OXY-CLEANSE helps to remove old impacted material from your colon, while it also filters out harmful debris and revitalizes it. Some products may do just one, OXY-CLEANSE does all three; plus it’s non-habit forming and won’t weaken your colon muscles.


A: It works on a different pathway than those products. OXY-CLEANSE releases oxygen that actually breaks down old matter and other debris so you can gently eliminate it, rather than just pushing or scraping it out.


A: Everyone’s body is different and different people use it in various amounts. Some people take one or two capsules only when they feel the need for it. Others take 1-3 capsules daily for continuous cleaning action. People who want a complete colon cleanse usually take 2 capsules 3 times daily for 2 weeks and then taper off to 1-2 daily and then adjust as necessary. No matter how you take it, it is an easy and convenient supplement.


A: Yes. The ingredients in OXY-CLEANSE have all been thoroughly tested and are safe for adults to take on a regular basis. It does not cause uncomfortable bloating or have harsh effects on your system.


A: Absolutely, they work synergistically together. OXY-CLEANSE primarily works in the colon, while OXY-CAPS works throughout the entire body on a cellular level. Try them both!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Email from customer: Mike in bold

Can you explain how the oxy-cleanse works, and what the connection is between toxins in the colon and being recycled into the lung?

“Cleans your intestines of bacteria, toxins & accumulated debris so they will not be recycled back to your lungs.”

The colon absorbs moisture and anything in the moisture gets re absorbed back in to the body. Many use Oxy cleanse to help kill harmful bacteria in the lungs (least, gut (more) and elimination tract (most) and remove it and other toxins out of the colon before it goes back into the system.

Colon absorbs water, yes, but can you explain how toxins and recycled debris are exclusive to the lung and not the whole system? Presumable we have our other filtration systems doing the job? They get overloaded just like anything else. I guess I’m confused by the structure of the sentence which implies that there is a direct connection from colon to lung. If that is what it means, I’d love to hear your explanation.

Many health disciplines including Traditional Chinese Medicine connect the colon and lung as being extremely synergistic and complementary to one another. . they BOTH are key elimination vehicles (lungs, skin, colon, urine, breath) and when the colon gets backed up the debris goes back into the elimination system like a toilet backing up, and the lungs and upper respiratory tract show it quicker due to stuff in the nose that impedes breathing. So for instance head colds are best dealt with by causing major colon cleansing and other things like Vitamin C loading at 15,000 units daily and no bread or meat.

What is in oxycleanse that makes it different from say perhaps digestible epsom salts, or doing an enema with epsom salts, etc?

OXYGEN. It KILLS bugs (harmful bacteria) dead AND causes the colon to evacuate the debris. Epsom salts are good for catharsis but to my knowledge do not at all or as well kill bacteria, fungus and viruses when used for the colon. Enemas can not travel where OxyCleanse does such as into the gut and small intestine unless you drink it and then that means the amount you can take are severely limited. Never heard of anyone taking epsom salts for months to years and you can with Oxycleanse. mw


I am interested in the Oxy-Cleanse product, but concerned that it will contribute to oxidative stress in my body (free radical damage). How does your product differ from oxidative stress, and/or prevent contributing to oxidative stress in the body? I also take antioxidants like A, C, E and grape seed extract as part of my nutritional supplement program to counter-act the free radical damage to my joints caused by an auto-immune disorder. Is there a conflict between your product and antioxidants in the body? In other words, do they cancel each other out, or work against each other? Will the antioxidants diminish the effectiveness of your product? Thank you for answering my questions. Kathy F

Detoxification for children See also microalgae at www.breathing.com/e3live.htm

From Mike: To me on most any level, cleansing the body is a lot more effective and healthy then most anything related to oxidative stress. NOT cleansing the body can cause more harm in general than most any level of oxidative stress ever could. My advice is to take reasonable amount of antioxidants (BHLN) along with the Oxy-Cleanse at bedtime and don’t worry about it.