When lack of Oxygen effects Autism  Majid ALi MD Airway Abnormality Linked to Autism Posted by: “” stradford2001 Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:19 am (PDT) Airway Abnormality, A Possible Link To Autism _Autism_ ( and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) are currently diagnosed primarily through subjective observation of autistic behaviors. However, new research, presented at CHEST 2011, the 77th annual meeting of the American

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Anxiety, blood pressure, phobias, addictions, anger or pain reduction; calming and relaxation. “The complex has its roots in the simple.”  Lau-Tzu   Anxiety & Breathing to Maintain Calm Anything you do 4,000 to 20,000 times a day will influence you in ways you never may have considered. Your breathing controls 95% of your fuel-to-energy production and flow. The entire autonomic

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MCS/MUSES – (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)

People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) are hypersensitive to chemicals they absorb through their skin (such as cosmetics), inhale (such as perfume), and ingest (such as alcohol and medications).  The majority of MCS cases also meet diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia. Less commonly recognized is the extensive overlap of MCS with multi-sensory sensitivity, also known as MUSES syndrome. 

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