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#179SAR Sleep Apnea Relief. Obstructive and central.

I’ve been studying breathing for 35 years. Breathing is our primary source for energy
and sleep for energy recovery. Sleep Apnea Relief is a major game changer.
A remedy with first night possibility for better sleep and then “hope” for many restful nights to come.
Its results tie in perfectly to my diaphragm development insights; when you develop the
breathing properly, you sleep well.
Michael Grant White, Executive Director

This “bouquet” of herbs relaxes muscles that restrict nervous flow, increases drowsiness, enhances, respiration, and protects the stomach lining. It is per the manufacturer, an holistic, natural solution for symptom of sleep apnea that is non-habit forming, and no-preconditioning is required. The first night of an apnea episode has often mitigated waking up not breathing.

A simple, safe and effective herbal formula that may eliminate or reduce
the need for CPAP machines but is not guaranteed to do so. Purchased separately from our Sleep program

Customer Testimonial: 
I was unable to get a decent night’s sleep all week and then the sample of your product arrive. I slept like a baby THAT NIGHT!!. I love this stuff!!” 
— Jason Doppler, CA



“It has been shown that lobeline stimulates the respiratory center within the brain stem, producing stronger and deeper breathing, which helps explain why lobelia is useful for respiratory complaints.”

— Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine,
Andrew Chevallier, FNIMH

Lobelia, used in small doses, is a respiratory stimulant This herb, when taken before bed, can actually increase the level of respiration sufficiently so the blood oxygen level does not drop to dangerous levels.

Thyme has traditionally been used to enhance pleural activity and makes an excellent contribution to maintaining sufficient respiration. To round out the combination, Chamomile aids in relaxing and Cramp Bark helps upper trapezius muscles to relax.

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