#150. The Watching Breath AKA “Tibetan Caffeine”Included in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

CD or digital download. Ipod compatible.
47 minutes

Some have called this the “Himalayan mind machine”. A special mind development practice handed down from Himalayan monks and spiritual teachers for 4,000 years.

These practices allow you to focus, and relax while energizing and becoming more aware of your body sensations. They will tell you more about your internal process, and how and where your breath is felt in your body at any given moment.

Science is proving what ancient teaching has known for centuries that that exercising the brain reduces the tendency for brain function impairment as we age. These practices will bring about focused concentration, heightened awareness and improved memory. Beta brain wave strength is often increased.

You may also find that spiritual powers such as intuition, telepathy, extrasensory perception and or clairvoyance begin to emerge or strengthen.

Benefits Including:

  • Strengthens focus, and concentration
  • Be more in the moment
  • Enhance relaxed concentration
  • Strengthen focused thinking
  • Reduce stress responses
  • Greatly aids chakra balancing
  • Strengthens your intuition
  • Explores expanded states of consciousness
  • Achieve deeper levels of self-awareness
  • Open more to a state of flow
  • Better integration of body, breath and mind
  • Improved kinesthetic sensing and feeling of body and breathing
  • Practice and deepen auto-regulation
  • Deepens meditation 
  • “I like to say that meditation isn’t at all a way of making your mind be quiet; rather it’s a way of entering into the quiet that is already there.” Deepak Chopra

    Included in the Optimal Breathing Mastery kit

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    WOW! 4,000 years old. The Watching Breath is incredibly smooth. I love it.